4915 MLK BLVD, Houston, TX 77021 | (713) 643-2884
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Sunshine™s Health Food Store and Vegetarian Deli is a socially responsible restaurant and store that promotes healthy living through food. In our restaurant area, we offer both cooked vegetarian options and a raw food vegan deli. In our store area, Sunshine™s stocks dietary supplements, all natural detox products, healthy vegetarian grocery items as well as educational books and DVDs.


Sunshine™s holds free health classes and special events to educate the Houston community about healthy food choices. We strive to encourage a healthy, sustainable lifestyle in lieu of diets and fads. At Sunshine™s, we believe that vegan and vegetarian cuisine should have flavor! Using as much organically grown and local produce as possible, Sunshine™s has been creating deliciously innovative meals and unique vegetarian recipes for since 1983!

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